Product Engineering

Newell Instruments has been involved in product research and development since its inception. Initially developing custom concentration sensors for refrigeration research, we have expanded to many areas to help our customers find solutions and obtain information for their markets.

For some customers, we develop simulation tools and models that help them design their systems or understand the interactions of processes involved in their application. For example, one customer was preparing a new product for the emerging thermal energy storage market in China. We developed a 3-D, transient energy storage model that included a phase change process model for their design engineers. Another company was interested in the development of a rapid icemaker (“party mode”) for refrigerators. We developed a laboratory prototype to prove the concept and formulated a computer simulation model that could be used to optimize the refrigerator performance.

We have been likened as the “OCC” (Orange County Choppers) of the heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning fields. Some of the prototype systems we have designed and built are hybrids with parts from automotive air conditioning, grocery store refrigeration, and household refrigerators. Automotive systems have excellent durability coupled high volume parts cost advantages. Grocery store refrigeration systems have some of the most advanced control and diagnostics systems. Domestic refrigerators are one of the most refined, energy efficient cooling systems with robust frost tolerance characteristics. Our work in several fields allows us to use the best from each to produce innovative, cost efficient designs.

Another of our system designs (which has received a number of patents, assigned to our client) is now in production as a high performance, high capacity cooling system (25 tons or 75kW of cooling) for a military cooling application in which it endures operational conditions from -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C).

Do you have a project that requires expertise beyond our expertise? Being located near the University of Illinois gives us the ability to partner with world-class experts in any field. Our laboratory has 4400 sqft of space with ample 3 phase power. Let us know your product interest and we will propose solutions to reach your goals.